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"I was born in Slovakia on 12th July 1996 and have resided in Germany for the past seven years, both living and working here. From a young age, I developed a keen interest in art and a deep desire to create. The realm of painting provided me with the means to express my creativity in a unique and extraordinary way. Initially starting with acrylics and brushes, I was immediately captivated by the interplay of colors, shapes, and the artwork that emerged from my efforts.

Over time, my artistic journey led me to transition from figurative paintings to abstract compositions, first with acrylics and later with oil paints. It was during this transition that I discovered my true artistic voice, finding my place within the art world. To further enhance my creative expressions, I began incorporating mixed media techniques, employing a combination of brushes and palette knives. My portfolio encompasses a diverse range of paintings, including landscapes, figurative pieces, and abstract works.

Embarking on my artistic path revealed an entirely new world to me, wherein transposing my thoughts onto canvas became an integral part of my existence. As a painter, my purpose is to create art that resonates with viewers, inspiring them and fueling my continuous creative process. I have found a deep sense of authenticity within myself, a sentiment that emanates through my paintings. In Aristotle's dictionary, the word "ETHOS" signifies authenticity, which aptly encapsulates my artistic identity. Therefore,  I chose ETHOS as the defining theme for my first significant collection. It represents the essence of who I am and embodies the truest reflection of myself.

Through my paintings, my ETHOS emerges even before my words are spoken or my person is known. I believe that my artwork provides an honest portrayal of my inner self and serves as a powerful medium for self-expression."



"As a painter, my mind is a canvas itself, constantly absorbing the world around me and transforming it into strokes of color, lines of expression, and depths of emotion. With each brushstroke, I translate the symphony of my thoughts onto the blank surface, weaving stories, capturing moments, and exploring the vast expanse of human experience. My mind is a palette of endless hues, where every memory, sensation, and dream blend together to create something truly unique and captivating. In the realm of art, my mind finds its truest form of expression, where boundaries fade, and imagination takes flight."



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